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Monday, 08 February 2010 22:09

Association of Shaanxi Professionals and Scholars in Europe


The Articles


I. Name of the Organization

The name of the organization is “Association of Shaanxi Professionals and Scholars in Europe”. The abbreviation is “ASPSE”.

II. Nature of the Organization

This organization is a non-government, non-political, non-religious, the non-profit organization.

III. Registered Address

Hengelo, The Netherlands

IV. Missions

1. Unite fellows. Promote communication, mutual help and cooperation between Shaanxi fellows in Europe. Protect the rights and interests of Shaanxi fellows. Establish a member list for Shaanxi processionals and scholars in Europe. Organize club activities for all the members.

2. Return home. Promote communications between Shaanxi and Europe, particularly those well developed countries in North-West Europe, in technological, cultural, economic, trade and personnel exchanges.

3. Link. Set up links with the local government and civil society in Shaanxi, China, so that fellows living abroad can know better about hometown.

4. Develop cooperation. Get support from local government and civil society in Shaanxi, to help all kinds of cooperation.


V. Organization

1. The management and operation of “Association of Shaanxi Professionals and Scholars in Europe” is responsible by the Council. The Council shall have a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-General, Chief Financial Officer and several directors. General Assembly will be the highest authority-based. Members of the Council are elected by the General Assembly. Within the Council, members’ duties are arranged by means of elections or recommendations. Council member terms 4 years. An honorary chairman or director can be set if necessary.


2. Chairman of the association (will also be Chairman of the council) shall be elected or confirmed through General Assembly.

3. ASPSE member who wants to use the title of “ASPSE council” should apply for by oneself through the Council, and must be authorized by the General Assembly or the Council before usage.

4. Any external contracts and agreements must be approved by the Council via authorization or signature to be valid.

5. General Assembly is held once a year. Number of General Assembly meetings can be increased within a year if necessary.

6. “Association of Shaanxi Professionals and Scholars in Europe” is registered at The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) in accordance with the local law. Registered address is Hengelo, The Netherlands.


VI. Member

1. The association will be implemented in individual members. Whoever was born in Shaanxi, used to study and work in Shaanxi, or is the partner of people mentioned above and accepts this constitution, willing to actively participate in the activities of this association, and now is working and living in Europe can apply for the membership. Taking into account the mission of this association, the membership has the following special requirements:

1) Particularly welcome talented people with a PhD or Master degree. The people with a Bachelor degree but working and living in Europe for more than 5 years are also welcomed.

2) The applicant must have considerable experience in his/her area, and must be the expert or specialist in the industry he/she is working.

3) The applicant at present must be engaged in full-time work in companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies in Europe or running his/her own business.

4) Legally settle in Europe for working and living.

2. Member's rights: Member has the right to participate in the Council elections to elect and to be elected, to participate in the activities of the association, and to criticize and make suggestions on the work of the Council, as well as the freedom of retirement to the association.

3. Member’s obligations: Member is obliged to comply with the constitution, to implement the resolutions agreed by the Council and the General Assembly, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the association, and to promote the work of the association. Member who does not take part in two consecutive


General Assembly meetings without reason will be considered to retire to the association. Personal behaviors (without approve by the Council or the General Assembly) of members and ASPSE are not necessarily the legal relationship.


VII. Financing

1. Charge for club activities: taking non-profit as the premise, organizers of the activity charge fees to participants based on the actual needs.

2. Sponsorship and donations from local government, companies, institutions, and individuals in Shaanxi

3. Sponsorship and donations from members of the association

4. Advertising sponsorship

5. Daily management of the bank account of ASPSE is handled by a certain Council member. Any usage of the bank account of ASPSE must be approved by the Council.


VIII. Supplementary Provisions

1. This constitution must be reviewed and agreed by the General Assembly to be effective. Changes on this constitution, subject to more than two thirds votes of the General Assembly to which attendees are more than half of the entire membership through valid.

2. Termination of this association, subjects to more than two thirds of members of the General Assembly through valid.

3. Comply with the laws of the host country. If there is any ambiguity on the provisions and explanation above, Dutch law shall prevail.

4. This constitution was reviewed and agreed to take effect through the 1st General Assembly meeting of ASPSE, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on February 21, 2009.


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