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Wednesday, 13 January 2010 23:01

ASPSE is the abbreviation of Association of Shaanxi Professionals and Scholars in Europe. It is launched by a group of Chinese professionals and Scholars of Shaanxi origin who now live in the Netherlands, Germany, and Norway. It was officially established on 21st February 2009 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and registered at Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Netherlands.

ASPSE aims to bring together fellow Shaanxinese, cultivate friendship between members, bridge and promote communication between Europe and Shaanxi both at government level and at a grassroots level, and eventually develop cooperations.  Activities planned are: social gathering, thematic forums, workshops, Shaanxi visit and seminars, manifold and comprehensive cooperation with Shaanxi, field trips and open discussions.

Main features of ASPSE and its members are as follows:

Ø  Live in Europe since 1980’s, with Shaanxi background, highly educated, attached to Shaanxi


Ø  Integrated in the mainstream society, employed in prominent enterprises, universities and governmental agencies, career track in both China and Europe and comfortable with both cultures.


Ø  Expert or specialist in a specific field, being a great resource in a certain field.


Ø  Well on its way to build various exchange and cooperations with Chinese governments and enterprises


ASPSE has been enjoying generous support from Shaanxi government at various levels. The governmental delegation headed by governor, Mr. Yuan Chunqin, made the time to have a fruitful meeting with the ASPSE board and a few key members. Governor Yuan spoke positively of the plans and proposals raised by ASPSE and decided that all communication and cooperation between Shaanxi government and overseas Shaanxinese in Europe would be conducted through  ASPSE.  Governor Yuan has authorized the governmental secretary to coordinate the relationship and cooperations between ASPSE and Shaanxi government in the following aspects:

Ø  to introduce ASPSE to the various departments


Ø  to fully support the projects initiated by ASPSE both in governmental organization, funding, and business communications


Therefore, the cooperation betweens ASPSE and Shaanxi province is well under way offering all members opportunities to get involved in one way or another.

ASPSE has been enjoying all the support from its members. Now that it has a solid start, ASPSE has a promising future. 86% of its members hold a PhD or MSc degree; 81% have been living in Europe for over 10 years; 76% hold the passport of the local country;  62% are males and 38% females. The average age is 47 with the youngest being 25 and the oldest 55.

The members major in the following fields: manufacturing, automotive, cooling, electronics, computer, IT& internet, semiconductor, material science, communications, medical science, global supply and international trade. Members come from the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. ASPSE is doing everything to recruit members in France and Spain and other EU-countries.

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